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Studio Advisor Meeting Feb 5, 2016

Had a valuable session with Caroline Koebel today.

We briefly checked in re project.

A few summary notes*:

Spoke about challenges encountered in securing agreement with author of work. She concurred with Carolyn that this should not be an impediment to the work, regardless, as the work is taking very unique, persoanlly informed take on the project as point of origin.

We spoke about my alternate residency project and the experience of the Transmedia online lecture re the Clockwork Watch project.

I outlned some ways in which it serves as project direction invitation:

1. cross-discliplinary / cross-media

2. blurs boundaries btw generally sacred divisions: including art/commericial, artist/audience, genre, form, etc.

We also spoke about some of the insights gathered from my alternative residency skype crtique, namely the notion of ommiting the artistic outlet for the central character as it would be a release for some of the psychic pressure that the narrative depends on, and would diffuse a lot of the power of a transmedia approach if otherwise disorienting sequences are smply able to be dismissed as creative interpretations of the character's artistic expression/explorations.

We spoke about the Anderson Cooper "augmented reality" reporting peice in which he demonstrated a device that aurally simulates schizophrenic experience. This was a starting point re how I wish to have on 'minor' corrolary a.r. object that is an extension of the main story world of the film.

We discussed how I am clearing out other major projects including my recent submission of long term book project on Transnational Horror Cinema to Palgrave.

We spoke about how in all of the work thus far, I am beginnning to articulate my transmedia methodology.


*in recent office reorganization, I have misplaced my orginal notes from this session so I am re-creating central points of discussion well after meeting and am likely omitting some strands of our discussion.

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