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Studio Advisor Follow up Meeting 3/31

Studio advisor follow up meeting 3/31/2016 Had a valuable follow-up meeting with my studio advisor. In this session, we discussed my current interest in learning more about Transmedia as a way of expanding my practice, and as a body of theory and practice that seems to resonate with concepts/approaches I have been grappling with. We spoke about developing my spring practice schedule, focusing especially on after effects and machinima, using course for the after affects portion of the studio practice work. Some of the artists/thinkers mentioned were Eddo Stern and Paul Virillio, including his 'the administration of fear.' And 'information bomb'. Work suggested that might be fruitful for ideas and aesthetic approaches included Atom Egoyan's Ararat and Sarah Polley's Stories We Tell. We discussed a bit about how I wasn't really completely aware of it --but upon reflection --again I am recognizing that a great deal of my interest in disability studies and particularly choosing a work that addresses mental illness does connect to my own family memories and allowing me a space to make sense of some of my own early familial experience.

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