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Project Process Post - February 15

Structure - practical steps

Overview Structure

In this most recent period, I have been working hard toward necessary preparation to complete project. After extensive outline and sequencing and a great deal of ongoing study of conventional narrative structure, I completed printed draft of screenplay this morning. I am presently doing a readthrough to identify immediate areas requiring revision. After I am more satisfied that draft is cohesive and with all narrative threads adequately developed, I will circulate to trusted parties for feedback.

This immediate draft is under projected run time. I initially anticipated being over and needing to wean it down. I do not want to "pad" but this present version is ‘action description heavy’ which may “under-report" actual elapsed time. There are also several non-realistic Interval interludes I wish to add to narrative. This version gives me a clear sense of the time available to do so.

Sequencing A key part of the work was physically sequencing work

(See image)

so I could have visual referents to combine: -Snyder’s ‘Save the Cat’ beats -Eight sequence structure -and although not explicitly written–– Vogler, Campbell, Hague key milestones.

Research resources

The central resources of research during this period: Was screenwriting workshop with Michael Hague and Chris Vogler re Heroes two journeys (inner and outer): fashioning an approach from Hague’s well-known story structure and Vogler's hero’s journey approach adapted from Joseph Campbell. I also have been reading J. McKee’s ‘Dialogue’ which considers how structure/Dramatic tension may be reflected and built through dialogue. Practical Steps In addition to structural research, on the practical front, 1. movie scheduling software and screenwriting software 2. readied Harenzumi camera -reviewed Maddin’s Forbidden Room for- which partially used a Zumi camera 3. Took AE ‘Up and Running’ coursework, completed steps 1 - 4 4. revisited Deep Dream 5. through other professional project, learned of PR/media company which may be able to assist with some of production needs; have a sample reel to review 6. Began AE training on motion training 7. completed AE Essential Training 8. Viewings included LaLa Land - excess; Split- pathologizing disability; Lion Also, communication with Lead–needs surgery, not available until April, which will adjust timeline. 1. I have been given some other tasks to do: 2. E version of the book released within week; Physical in three Next immediate: -revision to script -on physical board– review unused bits I have highlighted for possible use -C-review previous bits in electronic database and physical notebooks -finalize production dates– casting meetings -equipment *

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