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Guidance Session

Initial Meeting: Spetember 13, 2015

1. meet & greet: Carolyn and Caroline

2. project overview; general direction

3. immediate focus:

a. narrative:

-move novel from mainly laternal movement to tight narrative structure;

b. psychological research:

-intent is not realistic portrayal of schizotypal disorder, but i wnt it to be informed by basic knowledge of the condition; narrative economy will take precedence over 'reality'

c. test shot experiments:

-use of deep dream for screenshot images

-use of greenscreen dress

-early 16 mm - style footage

d. securing property

-option agreement negotiations

4. suggested films: incl. Das Experiment; Jacob's Ladder, Momento, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

5. other on-going projects, including:

-promotion for recently published 'Let's Get Social: The Educator's Guide to Edmodo': first print resource for Edmodo (55 million users / 85% of largest US school districts)

-initial work on Palgrave-MacMillian contracted book: 'Transnational Horror: Bodies of Excess and the Global Grotesque'

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