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Guidance Meeting - Feb 23, 2017

I. Guidance Session Notes

II. Additional Post-guidance Research Session

I. Guidance Session Notes Had a very had a very valuable guidance session with my studio and research. 1. gave summary of recent meeting with author a. Prep’d for differences: 1) externalizing the internal 2) called to make work unique to my own vision 3) regarding origin––can say true story, at least partially based on his own experience 4) other research –– Robert Solhpsky: schizotypal and religion 2. other research– –trans cultural similarities between shamanistic traditions: a. identified gap in the novel– –no artistic outlet: b. possible solution––Digital story work done by main character 3. casting ––Central actress had an injury need surgery–– Available April a. plan to meet other family members come Actors 4. clearer sense of overall project: a. young man has mentor, a attempts to treat him, through ordeals learns lessons, eventually able to integrate to understand and better use own ‘gift’ and ideally have something to offer others/society 5. colleague will attempt to connect w ministry of culture re film fund 6. based on Whiplash Proof of concept film strategy: doing proof of concept film: - est. tone -stylistic approach -nugget of story structure 1—15 mins , likely 1st sequence 7. after many months of structural work, a lot of intensive study of story structure––including Chris Vogler and Michael Hague—completed first draft. Currently doing version 2 8. identifying what needs to be made more explicit : simplifying story ––making explicit games each test, All used to beat final Dragon, has gift to get back 9. studio session: highlighted logistical concerns––location, Costuming 9a. Sounds like structurally, conceptually in-place

II. Additional Post-guidance Research Session:

Research Session key points:

Identified some valuable transmedia branding resources and had productive discussion re documetation:

1. transmedia branding resources- a. Jeff Watson–World Build institutions - USC -concerns–pedagogy and student engagement b. online –Annenberg c. Alisa - lone ranger 2. for project––Capture valuable lessons into during journey map, approximately 10 pg accompanying studio catalog so lessons from experience of production/planning, etc. retained a. documentation, Key points, summaries of work b. discussed option of filmu as receptacle for lessons

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