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April 22 Advisory Meeting

General project update - Suggestions - Structure/chaos discussion Had a positive session with Caroline In general, she appeared to feel that the revised screenplay reflected a significant leap in the story’s development and was much more cohesive. She also noted the addition of the presence of the physical book in the diegesis. General project update I gave her a general project update for proof of concept film, including the necessity to revise timeline. I am just now circulating and getting feedback on this revised version of the screenplay. Also still have some logistical points that need to be addressed, including some principal cast. Also have had some inconsistent communications with local crew contacts partially because of language issues. In the coming week hope to meet with someone who has some local logistical contacts that could be helpful in production. I mentioned the serendipitous meeting of a Tarot reader (discussed in most recent post) on my most recent weekend vacation and considering ways I might incorporate this individual, perhaps not as an existing principal character, but as some type of framing device. Suggestions A few suggestions that Caroline had: 1. better preparing Reader/Audience for importance of Anthony, perhaps having principal characters identify explicitly their emotive connections to him, i.e., making him matter more in the emotive life of characters. 2. perhaps better exploiting/setting up the fact that it appears to be hinted at end that the principal character enters the healing profession as a doctor. 3. An intuitive sense regarding the rhythm of the work, that it may be valuable to place in some recursive moment, numbers, fantastic element, in the transition from doctor office to principal characters first evening in room. Structure/chaos discussion We also had an extended discussion about practice, and generating creative work appearing to ‘flow’ in initial stages best in non-electronic media, With the electronic media(save for voice memos) being best for editing and revisions, etc. That one appraoch appears to"Invite" a different "part of the mind" than the other. And more generally that a balance between these poles seems to be necessary for fruitful, productive work. In a similar way, we discussed my intent to use structure to create and invite and “legitimize" the inclusion of perhaps more non-logical, "twilight" moments.

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