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"Rethinking Madness: Psychosis and Spiritual Awakening" Townhall meeting

Some key ideas from the promotional/discussion event related to the film Crazywise:

1. The value of shifting framework, inviting a different way to experience, e.g., as a gift, and importantly seen as having some meaning

2. the basic de-bunking of the chemical imbalance theory

3. the painful, limiting experience of someone else wholly defining one's experience (and labeling it)

4. interrogating this to recognize the chemical nature of psychological functioning is wedded to traumatic experience, which is largely overlooked; the dominant paradigm just addressed

5. stressing the importance of moving towards patient-focused approach and use use as appropriate vs. cohersive

6. all present sate reflects a pathologizing of difference, a narrowing of range of human experience

7. concept of wounded healer

8. importance for many of peer framework, usefulness for some of spiritual framework to view experience

9. open dialog approach

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