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December 15th Posting

Central immediate concerns:

1. Attempting to finailze scheduling for practice times -timeline

-reguar work sessions

2. agreement with Robin

3. story outline work

4. workshopping story bits

5. equipment set finalize

Story notes

Draft Story Outline Notes


Act I

Inciting incident:

a. Memory/flashback: Death of father

Playing outside, hears something break

Comes inside

-lamp is on its side

-rope sound

-horrified mother takes him away

-reaction of child bemused, unaware, perhaps smiling:

-image in background of family together

b. Conversation resumes: -sitting with psychiatrist

‘And it wasn’t something you discussed’

‘I guess it was, but I don’t remember.

It wasn’t like we wouldn’t talk about it; we just never did.’

c. VO ‘1, 2, 3, 4, 5’ ‘There is a personality to numbers.’

*add dialog form p. 4/5 book notes

d. Party invite

e. at Party -displays his special ‘powers’

-freaks out

f. hospitalized

g. returns home

-computer is away

-pulls out

-begins to write essay on it

h. home (cont.)

-stacks book like crazy to organize

-aflls asleep

i. vision

  • –wakes up with beautiful woman / glowing

  • steps forward, opens robe/ mounts

  • transforms into old/with deep dream stylings/laughing

Act II Magic journeys

  • given rules for experience: -don’t die -stay away from water/ocean -‘is it real?’ ‘It’s real and it’s not real, just like life’

  • looks at self in mirror: -sees father dissolve to -sees deep dream image -passes out -time dissolve transition:

  • on ground -Toby!Toby! They look worried in reaction shot.

  • they take him away

  • she sneaks in

  • he goes on own into experience room [earlier told never to go ]

  • learns about patient Anthony: -where’s he now (asks doc) -received card earlier ‘ASK ABOUT ANTHONY’ – doesn’t mention card

  • released too early > goes to home

  • in front of Cassandra he tries to hold it together: exchange: ‘I left my kingdom for you’ she smiles ‘you’re so weird.’ -holds his hand -kisses cheek:‘see you later’

  • starts to see the images from experience room everywhere: -screams / parents walk in -nude on ground/shaking -‘this is to turn off:’claps hands



  • vision with angel

  • calls Cassandra [off-scene, she calls for help

  • at room -they bang on door -he climbs out window -they bust open door/window open/wind on curtains -looks down:he’s limping away

  • vision: -sees sperm and egg [public domain] -sees girl / sees nurse [they merge]

  • Doc guides him / talks with him

  • He’s in experience room again

  • Tombstone visit

  • “we’ve lost him” -pg 96 – book notes – intense light visions -wants ot stay here in the magic world

  • Cassandra finds him in the place they always go

  • TV/game vision: -sees self watching TV and playing game -with all the characters of his life (characters as stick / 8 bit figures): -crazy -mother -school -friends

[end sequence matter]

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