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February 15 Posting

Happy to have, after many months of conversation, an agreement with the author of the work upon which the film is based. Had a great deal of back and forth to make sure that the agreement was something to which we could both agree. I made a great deal of concessions as far as having exclusive rights ot the work but we have a good deal of goodwill and mutual respect which sets a good foundation to go forward. Very relieved to finally have that set as it was feeling quite a bit in limbo for a while. Now I feel the work can really begin in earnest.

From my conversations with Caroline and the recent initial drafting of bib, I am having a clearer sense of my work in the project being to create my own transmedia methodology. Just articulating that helps give my seemingly disparate efforts feel more unified feel.

Also just received a summary statement from Caroline that, as usual was a thoughtful, insightful and generous birds-eye view of the projectwork thus far. Very grateful for her conscientiousness and generosity thus far in the process.

Currently giving closure to other projects that are also helping develop better focus towards this one. Finally sent out manuscript for the Transnational Horror book for Palgrave. My co-editor encountered some difficulty which meant I had to shoulder a great deal more responsibility towards the end of the project than initially anticipated. The submission date was the same as a book grant proposal that I was turning into the Academy of Arts and Sciences for my Freak Bodies book. Anyways giving closure to these projects (although there will be more to do on them) is giving me greater clarity on the film project.

I will also be arranging a sabbatical next fall which will allow even more focused effort on the project.

Towards organizing my efforts, during this coming month I hope to create an initial reading / production calendar to organize my time. I have also been experimenting with the Pomodoro time management system which seems to be very effective in focusing my time.

Immediate additional upcoming reading list:

Film Theory

World Cinema, Transnational Perspectives

Cinema Journal No 1 2014

Cinema Journal 54 No 4 2015

Cinema Journal 54 No 2 2015

Stars - Richard Dyer

Hideous Progeny

John Wayne’ World


Creating Your best Life


So you Want to Be a Producer

First TIme Director

Producer to Producer


Getting Started in Transmedia StoryTelling, A Practical Guide for Beginners, 2nd Ed.

A Creator’s Guide to Transmedia Storytelling


Screenplay - Syd Field

The Screenwriter’s Workbook - Syd Field


Leonardo: Codex Hammer

The World - Robin Wildt Hansen

Training: After Effects:

After Effects CS6 Essential Training (

After Effects CS6 Classroom in A Box

Select Upcoming Screenings

Snake Pit

Between TImes - Mixed Media

Long khong (Art of the Devil 2)

Love on the Spectrum

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