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November 15 Process notes

Process note November 15 [ pre-production; continued training] Just some brief immediate notes: some cataloguing of some preparation/training/continued work steps on project:

During this past session, while my primary focus has been on writing, I have also done some training work I felt necessary in other areas of production. Working on story outline and soliciting feedback from crit group. I hope to have this first version completed in the next couple of days. I think I have been over-preparing and need to just spit out initial workable direction finalized. While in a bit of holding pattern, I also have been reviewing some works / books and webinars / on structure, particularly for genre. As I mentioned previously, I have begun to see the importance of considering horror genre conventions in my practice --with this immediate project. Towards this, I purchased and completed some supplemental training on general genre writing including:

One --"Writing the low-budget or feature" – by Russo co-writer /producer of Night of the living dead;

Two --"How to structure a great horror film" --also Russo; and Three --"How to create a memorable scary scenes for your horror or paranormal feature"

Four--on general production front, purchased and completed Brubaker's Filmmaker action pack training series re production and distribution.

(On production, I have also been reading through DOV SImen's Reel to Deal.)

Regarding cinematography, I purchased and completed volumes one and two of Videographer's Deconstructing Cinematography training sequence. (Overall, mediocre overview that I was expecting quite a bit more from. Some interesting tidbits re production of many films covered including blade runner although also included some errors the program made. Was most interested in discussion of Kubrick's Barry Lyndon, particularly specific info re lens used [I guess f .7 used was originally commission for NASA]). Re this, I also reviewed documentaries: Kubrick Remembered and Kubrick – a life in pictures. Other viewings, in addition to several contemporary genre pictures, included reviewing film Tarmanation. I noted that it was a film you can't "review" as it is so personal for the director, that it is like grading someone's heart. It is a difficult view, but when you emerge from it, if you listen to it, and sit with it, when you turn away from it, at least for a moment, the whole world, sounds, smells, tastes and looks just a bit different at least for a moment. In its own weird way has some of the hypnotic, immersive quality of Chris Marker's San Soliel. Tarnation's commitment to autobiography is what is best and worse about it. The director locks himself into an ostensibly "true" telling of his own life: for long stretches of the film, however visually interesting, there are many times that the film seems especially "hungry" for more compelling narrative to keep audience interested.

On the research front: read Dutch mental health work it's really rather normal by Geritima and Rivas: asks us to rethink our common assumptions about mental illness specifically schizophrenia.

On production front, after reviewing audition reel from possible lead for good doctor Will role, my local contact also says that has actors available to audition for the other roles as soon as I am ready. I told him I wanted to hold off until I have screenplay locked so I can sufficiently compartmentalize my thoughts.

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