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Industry interview w Brian (Feb 25)

Interview with Brian / working director in LA. 1. script is priority value item in securing funding 2. those who in the past have used proof of concept [poc] film to secure funding it was b/c of unique stylistic approach with wow factor, e.g., District 9, making rounds for his FX abilities on 0 budget. -created a great deal of buzz, but there was obviously a supported campaign to get it to the right desks under neath it all 3. representation crucial a. he was able to secure funding from his proof of concept film via manager securing /ocnnecting him with producers looking for projects. 4. la presence crucial. 5. need to keep attention of the principals: difficult. 6. did MTV proj with Blum: difficult to keep his attention 7. have large pool of funders in Berlin screening 8. he did his p.o.c .calling favors on acting friends, doing on w/es; when funded didn’t use any of the original actors 9. invited summer visit 10. summed as: 15 days, 300K, intelligent horror, with 70s sensibility 11.wished had taken more strategic approach / smart strategy. 12. going way of creating wholly independently, posting online and hoping for viral circulation is tough haul.

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