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Research Advisor Meeting

Research Advisor Meeting - November 14, 2015

We discussed some of the current issues with the adaptation agreement, specifically writer wishes to have the right to sell option at a later date while I want to ensure that I will still retain rights to my own work if rights for the novel are transferred back to him after a certain date. Carolyn advised to move forward with the project regardless as the direction I am taking the work is far afield from the originary work. We also discussed my interest in creating, at a much later stage of the work, a corollary Augmented Reality installation/app that would accompany the film; the app (initially envisioned created using Aurasma or Layar) would emulate some of the basic experience of a schizophrenic subject, particularly aural hallucinations and some visual hallucinatory elements. Carolyn suggested unity as a creation envirnemnt as it would allow greater control and fleibility in project creation. We also discussed Cardiff and Miller’s ‘augmented reality’-ish project ALTER BAHNHOF VIDEO WALK as suggestive of a template of moving through a predefined space with planted narrative elements appearing through journey, and whole space ‘haunted’ by memories appearing in particular locations.

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