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Research Advisor Meeting notes - Feb 21

February 21, 2016 Just completed an exciting discussion with my research advisor Carolyn Guertin. After reading her recommendation of : “Spatial Narratives in Art” Screencity Lab - Cinematic Augmented Experience 28 Complex issue: She has given me a great deal of incredibly valuable reading points on Transmedia and the project more generally: including: Moving Image Paperback – Sep 18 2015 by Omar Kholeif (Editor) *Abstract Video: The Moving Image in Contemporary Art Paperback – Sep 15 2015 by Kate Mondloch (Foreword), Gabrielle Jennings (Editor). U of California Press. Christy Dena thesis on transmedia online *Transmedia storytelling and the new era of media convergence in higher education Stavroula Kalogeras Words, Worlds and Narratives: Transmedia and Immersion. Tawnya Ravy and Eric Forcier. Inter-Disciplinary Press. Pervasive Games: Theory and Design. Montola. *Gene Youngblood, Expanded Cinema *Fluid Screens, Expanded Cinema, Janine Marchessault and Susan Lord, Editors. *Multimedia from Wagner to Virtual Reality She mentioned a couple of augmented reality works that I currently have, including Prototyping A. R. and Augmented Reality a Practical Guide We discussed my recent starting reading list (bibliography) and that it is limited now to a beginning list of film theory and cultural studies, and I have yet to address my other strands of disability studies; narrative more generally, and advanced technology, augmented reality,; and transmedia. She also mentioned the work at York University for me to check out re augmented reality platform that they are deveoloping. We discussed the limitations of a lot of work on transmedia and ‘ramification’ that are more concerned with corporate production need that artistic use. Regarding practical AR applications, I asked a bit about opinions on most practical platform for maximum accessibility. All of the options discussed appear to need a client app for user to access. I wonder if there is some HTML5 responsive app available—there must be something that might work and be automatically accessible to any user. Need to search for. Also, look forward to checking out the project at York University. Re next steps, I will purchase book list. We will set a time to meet next month; Saturdays are now an option for Carolyn re her new schedule.

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