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April 15 Process Blog

Process blog April 15: planning mode / practice makes practice I have established my "object" schedule--essentially a weekly training schedule for spring emphasizing a specific discrete tool aspect or task that focuses on expanding my skill set in After effects and machinima.

The After Effects portion of the schedule is structured on a course that I am pacing myself through.

I was delighted to learn that my affiliation as Columbia alum gives me complete access to the training library. (I had subscribed at one time but felt it wasn't earning its keep--at least I wasn't using it enough to justify the expense.)

I am hoping that the experimental "objects" created during this focused training period will be useful in expanding and focusing my project and general methodology. (Additionally, my initial intent was to translate my training regime into a training course I could later share with others.) Based on their own practices, members of my critique group have suggested that such "test" pieces often turn out to produce unintended but occasional worthwhile pieces that are usable for a larger project. This is in addition to the general added confidence they can provide as well as the low stakes experiments that they can allow. While currently in a particularly intensive period in my professional practice as teacher as well as managing publishing deadlines, I have found it challenging to establish regular studio practice. As I enter my sabbatical this coming year, I anticipate a great deal more time to do so. Regarding the project I am feeling some urgency to finalize overall project deadlines to manage the various milestones necessary in the project. Additionally, besides overall project management, I am still sorting out the best way to have a time-based project that is informed by the insights of Transmedia practice and theory while maintaining cohesiveness as a time based experience.

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