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M502 Studio Documentation project in progress posting

I have been listening to a wonderful book called "The way Hollywood tells it" by David Bordwell. He is one of the authors of the seminal classical Hollywood cinema that proposed a general scheme for the "classical" period Of Hollywood: 1917-1960, uncle driven storytelling in which central characters overcoming a series of obstacles, get there object of desire (& "the girl") as the protagonist has largely been gendered male.

The book is basically a response to those theorist who have suggested that classical Hollywood cinema died. He suggests it's alive and well. He suggests that the critics suggesting that it is dead and gone are basing this theory solely on their lunches or intuitions, rather then a close empirical examination of output in the post classical era. Looking at the output of the era, he suggests, they're very simply doesn't hold water.

He suggests that the experimentations and attention to spectacle that characterize a lot of the best-known films of the post classical Hollywood era are completely loyal to the basic conventions of classical Hollywood cinema. In fact, he suggest that those that appear to experiment most with form are in fact most indebted to classical Hollywood cinema as they have to embed, by necessity, a great deal more redundancy of classical Hollywood cinema rules in order to make their work comprehensible.

"The more complex the devices, the more redundant the storytelling needs to be. Unusual techniques need to be situated in an especially stable frame."

He considers very recent work like memento and how it builds in a great deal of highly structured scaffolding that depends on the traditional rules of classical Hollywood cinema in order to make it apparent experimental form "make sense" to the viewer.

I have been doing some visual test of degraded images – – playing with distortions of digital images. I am preparing for a show in Athens in June in a few weeks. My installation will be entitled "object!" End it will include some of the test objects I have been creating thus far. I have not finalized exact format, just that I will project the digital images.

I am going to decide whether I will create a loop of images or have a few simultaneously playing on different projectors.

The three projectors are: One. Small pocket Two. Larger pocket Three. larger pocket with degraded visual form. I need confirmation of the time I will have/whether a discrete window or it will be left continually playing and if so for how long.

Sample clips:

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